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Cantor's Concert and Installation of Cantor Katie Kaplan - June 2 at 7pm

Please show your support by placing an ad (camera-ready to size) to honor Cantor Kaplan. Write your message in the comments box below; email photographs (jpeg file) to office@tbe.org. Contact Mindy at 203-322-6901, ext. 301, with any questions. AD DEADLINE: Friday, May 20, 2022.

OPERA DIVA - Gold Page (7.5" x 10") includes 4 reserved seats $1,800.00
THEATER BUFF - Full-page ad (7.5" x 10") includes 2 reserved seats $1,000.00
ROCK STAR - Half-page ad (7.5" x 4.75") includes 2 reserved seats $500.00
JAZZ CAT - Quarter-page ad (3.75" x 4.75") includes 2 reserved seats $360.00
FOLK SINGER - Eighth-page "business card" ad (3.5" x 2") includes 2 general admission seats $180.00
NAME LISTING (type name only in comments section) includes 1 general admission seat $90.00


General Admission ($45 at the door) $36.00
Student admission ($18 at the door) $10.00

The Annual Cantor's Concert is sponsored by the Mann Family in memory of Norma & Milton Mann, z'l.

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